Over the years, we've built a wealth of experience in the implementation of projects. Regardless whether it concerns the delivery of new containers, the chipping or re-chipping of existing ones or making existing containers suited for another waste fraction, or ...

INOVIM has the necessary know-how, experienced personnel and the operational resources needed such as light-duty trucks, PDAs... to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

Our strongest assets are:

  • comprehensive know-how

    • so far, we've executed more than 7 million container actions.

  • Flexibility

    • With our experience, state-of-the-art container management system and all the required operational resources we are able to offer you and your citizens the much needed flexibility.   Citizens, for instance, can still change their mind up to 48 hours before the scheduled intervention date and, by way of example, request a change of volume.

  • Planning

    • Our planning is drawn up such that there is no nuisance to citizens or waste collector. While offering the necessary flexibility, the agreed upon planning is always respected.

  • Large quantities

    • We schedule the implementation of your project within a short execution term so as to reduce the nuisance to citizens and waste collector to an absolute minimum. The number of actions that we execute for your project per day varies between 750 and 5,000.

  • Control mechanisms

    • Our action plan and the corresponding implementation are based on the correct execution of the scheduled actions within the pre-set planning while retaining the necessary flexibility. To be able to provide you with correct databases, the necessary control mechanisms are integrated and executed. Our container management system, which we developed internally, has lots of control mechanisms integrated and enables us to provide you with a file that reflects the actual situation on the ground.

  • Warranty

    • We offer a 100% warranty for delivering containers, within the agreed upon period and according to the agreed upon price. At INOVIM, there are no unpleasant surprises such as extra costs for executing the initial assignment.

  • In-house management

    • We enable one-stop-shopping: we offer chips, address stickers, environment passports, identification systems, volume measurement systems... in short, everything you need for the actual implementation of your project for years to come.

  • Brand-independent

    • We are not bound to one particular supplier of, for instance, minicontainers. To us, it does not matter who your container supplier is, we have the necessary experience to perform the requested actions.



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The perfect implementation of your project is not enough if the after-sales service is neglected.

There was a time that it sufficed to deliver a container and replace it when it was defective. Today, container management has become a lot more complex:

  • Different containers for different waste fractions,
  • various volumes,
  • the use of collective containers,
  • the registration of visits to the waste collection/recycling centre,
  • the introduction of DIFTAR,
  • the use of chips and/or environment passports,
  • the creation of blacklists or whitelists,
  • the processing of emptied volumes received via GPRS,
  • direct communication with citizens,
  • transparency
  • speed of service,
  • cost savings,
  • optimal management,
  • mutation processing
  • ...

the necessary service performances are becoming more and more a task for specialised and experienced parties.


INOVIM is your partner when it comes to efficient management.

INOVIM offers both administrative management and full service management.

  • Administrative management: contact centre for contacts with residents, scheduling of actions, preparation of address stickers, monitoring of ongoing actions, reporting... The practical implementation of the actions in the field is carried out by the client itself.

  • Full-service management: same as administrative management but we are also responsible for the practical implementation in the field, stock management included.

    • Light: we provide clients with one or more exports so as to enable them to carry out invoicing themselves

    • Extra: we also draw up and mail invoices, follow up payments, mail reminders and keep up a blacklist/whitelist, as the case may be.

More information on our invoicing services can be found on this page.

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To realise the regional and/or national objectives, customers switch more and more to some kind of DIFTAR or "the polluter-pays" system (pay-as-you-throw).

Fixed levies or taxes that make no distinction between families neatly separating their different waste fractions and families that lump everything together are less effective to realise the pre-set targets. Besides, why would they? Family 1 does not profit from the fact that they offer less waste whereas Family 2 is not motivated to do better.

The introduction of one or other "the polluter-pays" system does give the necessary impulses to adjust one's waste behaviour. As a result, the final waste settlement for Family 1 will look entirely different than that of Family 2. The more so as today there are more possibilities to offer waste: from minicontainers that are collected from door-to-door and above-ground collective waste containers spread across a district/neighbourhood to bringing one's own waste to a waste recycling centre or a combination of the offered possibilities.

So, next to adequate maintenance performances, adjusted invoicing is required as well.

INOVIM delivers according to your wishes. Whether you choose for a half-yearly or yearly export or a direct link with the software used for drawing up the final settlements, we can always meet your demands. Our container management system generates the exports of your choice or creates an interface to your package (e.g. using Pink Roccade...).

The optional invoicing module of our container management system provides you with the necessary data and enables you to retrieve and consult the current state of affairs in real time. We can deliver both "pre-invoicing" and "post-invoicing" services.

  • "pre-invoicing":

    • Citizens pay a pre-set advance and, depending on the customer, a certain amount per offering and/or weight is deducted from this advance payment. When the advance payment falls below a pre-set threshold, a new advance is asked from the citizen so that upon a similar behaviour he/she can make use of the waste collection services during a period of one year.

  • "post-invoicing":

    • After a given time, citizens pay a certain amount for the number of offerings or the number of kilograms that they've offered.

INOVIM can handle the whole process: from registration up to and including payment monitoring.