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17/12/19 NL

In the last four months we realized a lot of projects in The Netherlands. Our field workers took care of several hundred thousands actions such as distributing new bins, take in old bins, placing a chip into the bins and so on. You could saw us at work in Den Helder, Dordrecht, Zaanstad, Beverwijk, Zeewolde, Papendrecht, Barendrecht, Ridderkerk, Oisterwijk, Maastricht, ...


At the same time we were also at work in Belgium  for our clients like Intradel (in Saint-George, Verviers & Neupré), for TIBI (in Farciennes), for BEP (in Ciney), for MIWA (in Temse), for IMOG (in Kruisem), for INBW (in Chaumont, Beauvechain & Rixensart), for Hygea (in Seneffe), ...

26/04/19 B

We obtained the ISO 27001 certificate. Our proof to you that we take care of your data.

17/04/19 Lux

In June we will start the survey of the first of 46 municipalities of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. These municipalities all receive a residual, a bio and a glass container. In addition, the intermunicipal company has also opted for our CI-Web software for the management of all their containers.

05/04/19 Ca

After a thorough evaluation of our CI-Web software, the Canadian city of Quebec and its districts have chosen our software to manage and control all their industrial waste containers and also the containers used by the households.

25/04/18 B

ILvA has chosen for INOVIM for the choice of their new management software.

23/04/18 B

In September starts the last phase of distributing "paper" containers for IOK Afvalbeheer. A total of 37.000 containers will be distributed.

18/04/18 B

The first of probably 36 underground containers from Incovo is a fact. The intercommunales INCOVO and Interza have opted for the combination Kliko / INOVIM.

13/04/18 B

TIBI (former ICDI) has opted for the combination PO-SULO with INOVIM for the installation and management of possibly 100 underground collection containers wtih access control system.


Our VCA ** certificate was renewed for three years.

15/03/18 I

The collection containers of the Italian city of Brescia will soon also be managed by our software. First an inventory is made of where they all stand. INOVIM provides the PDAs and the software for this

17/02/18 NL

The high-rise buildings of Brunssum, Landgraaf and Heerlen received a bio container of 10L or 20L. A total of 18.673 pieces were distributed.

31/01/18 B

The company containers on the territory of IBOGEM will soon all have a chip.

25/01/18 B

We started with the fourth phase of distributing the paper containers for IOK Afvalbeheer. In this phase, 55.000 containers are being delivered in a few weeks.


INOVIM has two certified Data Protection Officers. We are GDPR ready!

24/08/17 B

The city of Antwerp has chosen for the Kliko/INOVIM combination to place and manage the +/- 5.000 undergrond containers in and around the city.

18/08/17 NL

Just like last year, we have checked the residual waste containers at the houses of the municipality of Etten-Leur. Analysis shows that our approach works.

25/06/17 B

At the beginning of September, we will start the third phase for the delivery of the paper containers for IOK Afvalbeheer. Almost 50,000 containers are being delivered in a few weeks at this stage.

15/05/17 B

For three years INOVIM will be responsible for the exchange of all yellow and blue containers in the Brussels region for Net Brussel. In total, it concerns more than 12,000 containers of 240L, 660L and 1100L. The new containers are all equipped with a lock and have a paper slot or rosette.


In 2016, we processed 140.000 messages in the call center, 534.000 actions in the field, made  and distributed 570.000 mailings and processed more than 9.2 million emptyings in CI-Web, our container management software.

09/12/16 NL

We check the residual waste container in Etten-Leur by means of inspectors. At half past five  in the morning our inspectors are already on the road to check the waste container before the collection vehicle comes to empty the bin. If valuable waste is found (bio, paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, ...) the citizen is informed by a leaflet hanged to the container. The intention is for the citizen to separate his waste even better in the future.


D & C extends its ISO 9001 certificate. A proof that we are doing well.

14/10/16 B

The first phase of distributing "paper containers" at IOK is a fact. +/- 50.000 will be distributed before mid-December in Herenthout, Retie, Hulshout, Vorselaar, Heist-op-den-Berg and Westerlo.


In 2015 we carried out 570.000 container actions and distributed more than 584.000 letters for 30 projects.


 Our concern for the environment led to an ISO 14001 certificate. Yes, we care.

30/09/15 NL

 We have distributed the first of 41,000  240L OPC bins in the municipality 's Hertogenbosch.


The RW & VFG bins in Schilde will be replaced and the citizins of Edegem, Wuustwezel and Stabroek will recieve a RW bin.


In Scherpenheuvel-Zichem, Huldenberg and Herent the present VFG bins are equipped with a chip and citizins will also recieve a RW bin.

23/07/15 B

INOVIM has won the tender of IBW for the distribution of bins with a chip and the bin management for the next three years.


INOVIM Logistics receives its first new collection truck. The choice fell on Volvo FM 6x2 with a VDK construction. The truck is equipped to identify and empty containers up to 5,000 liters (photos).


D&C becomes INOVIM. INOVIM stands for "inspiring", "innovation", "vision" and "management". Four words that perfectly reflect what we stand for.

04/05/15 NL

After the distribution of 6,000 OPC (old paper & cardboard) containers in het municipality Heumen, Nijmegen is next. By the end of June, about 44.000 OPC containers will have been distributed there

21/04/15  B

Suez Environnement has been awarded the contract for collecting household waste in the municipality Aarschot. During a period of ten years, D&C will ensure the waste management for Suez Environnement, including call centre, weekly interventions, invoicing... As of July 2015, invoicing will be switched from a pre-invoicing to a post-invoicing system.

10/04/15  NL

In a Best Value Procurement procedure organised by the municipality Wijk bij Duurstede the joint venture "Kliko – D&C" was considered the very best. The municipality was looking for a professional partner that could support and unburden them. 

31/03/15  NL

In the municipality Ede all three available bins (Residual Waste, Vegetables/Fruit/Garden waste and OPC) per household are chipped . In all, this projects represents 27,000 actions.


In Landen and Herent the present VFG bins are equipped with a chip and citizins will also recieve a RW bin.


In 2014, we've realised a total of 37 projects, representing more than 375,000 bin actions. This brings the count to more than 7 million actions.

15/11/14  B

Wommelgem switches to pre-invoicing. Soon, its citizins will be able to consult their "DIFTAR" invoice through the designated website for citizins.

01/10/14  B

The first underground collective container with identification system in Sint-Niklaas will be delivered and commissioned at the end of 2014. As of 2015, companies in the centre of town can offer their garbage 7 days a week

12/08/14 B

After a survey, the citizins of Baelen, Olne, Aubel, Plombières and Welkenraedt will recieve RW & VFG bins.


In the autumn, a survey will be conducted among the citizens of Ecaussines and RW and VFG containers will be delivered. Also the installation of some above-ground collective containers is scheduled.

18/02/14 NL

In Delft, the OPC bins are switched to a 240L bin and the existing 240L bins are all chipped.

15/02/14 B

The VFG bins in Ranst & Boechout will be replaced and those of Brecht will all be chipped.


Through a survey, the citizens of Nijkerk could indicate whether or not they would like to have a change of volume for their RWT container and whether they would like to receive a VFG container.

31/01/14 B

Before the end of June, a survey will be conducted among the citizens of Laakdal, an RWT container will be delivered and the present VFG container will be chipped.

B = Belgium

NL = The Netherlands

I = Italy