Mission / Vision

We've divided our mission and vision into an internal and external part. Each member of staff, regardless of his or her position within the organisation, should always act according to this internal mission and vision in order to help our customers and realise our external mission and vision.


External Mission / Vision


INOVIM designs, implements and manages integrated and efficient waste collection systems using its efficient software, comprehensive experience and committed employees.

A world with less waste is a better world. Therefore, INOVIM helps organisations and citizens in collecting waste.

INOVIM supports them with

  • services such as

    • the implementation, maintenance and management of waste collection systems

    • the collection of waste flows

  • solutions such as hardware and software for optimal waste management;


In doing so, INOVIM applies the following principles:

  • the customer comes first

  • we work together in confidence

  • we feel strongly about innovation and sustainability

  • Our people make the difference

  • we are not at any time the owner of the waste


Our purpose is a clean, sustainable world.  

The way towards it is reducing the loss of material in the lifecicle of goods to an absolute minimum. 

Our ambition is to take the lead in this process every day.

Our strategy is  to be at all times the most innovative and best performing European player.

Our resources are R&D, confidence, knowledge and experience raising public awareness and promoting sustained behavioural change.


Internal Mission / Vision

INOVIM formulated for its employees an internal mission and vision that should enable them to put our external mission and vision into practice:

Internal Mission

Our internal mission is as follows: Learn how to read

This simple internal mission entails 3 guidelines four our employees:

  1. Continuous learning to continue to improve and innovate

  2. Reading in all senses of the word: understanding texts, reading in between the lines, reading behaviour, reading the customer's needs, ...

  3. Helping each other to learn from one another and also encouraging one antother to develop oneself.

Internal Vision

Our internal vision is as follows: Be alert!

This simple internal vision always reminds our employees of the fact that everyone is expected to contribute to our customers' general satisfaction. This way, we can anticipate problems, if any, to the maximum extent possible and, as the case may be, remedy them as quickly as possible with minimum nuisance to our customers.



INOVIM wants to be a value-driven organisation. This ambition is a guide for both acceptable and unacceptable behaviour, gives guidance while taking decisions, reduces the waste of energy on non-productive activities and contributes to the future that we wish to create.

Our employees have defined the following core values:


Customer satisfaction

INOVIM will do its utmost to fulfil the needs of our customers in connection with waste collection systems but, above all, to deliver on our promises. To realise this, we act proactively and think along with our customers. We work hard to uphold and strengthen our strong reputation and good name. A close cooperation with our customers provides us with immediate feedback on the quality of our services.



INOVIM attaches great significance to confidence, in other words the willingness of a party to be dependent on the acts of another party, to trust the other party's honesty, the expectation that the other party will act in a way that will not cause harm to us, with the risk to be at a disadvantage if the other party betrays our confidence.

INOVIM wishes to demonstrate confidence in our dealing with all our stakeholders (our customers, employees, suppliers, partners, shareholders...). We consider confidence as the basis for sustained success.



INOVIM strives for a flexible organisation, both in the way we think and act. This way, we will be able to provide a better service to our customers and, in the long run, to deal with new challenges and changes on the market. This means that we

  • think, act and deliver according to the customer’s needs and wishes

  • proactively initiate changes

  • are ready to adjust ourselves to future trends and needs

  • challenge the status quo

  • search for new opportunities and take calculated risks

  • look at the world with an open mind

  • embrace lifelong learning


Continuous  improvement

INOVIM commits itself to always question its services, processes, acting, thinking... and to evaluate if improvements can be made. We continuously ask ourselves:  'What is the purpose, why and wherefore do we do this and what does it contribute?'. By coming to a better understanding of our customers and their needs, by continuously working on innovation and improving our services, we want to play a leading part with our core activities.



INOVIM opts for certfied management systems for all its activities. INOVIM holds the following certificates: 

  • ISO 9001

  • ISO 27001
  • VCA**

These certificates strengthen the confidence of our customers. Still, putting improvement processes into practice to improve the quality, safety and sustainability of our activities, every single day, is even more important to us.


ISO 9001:2015

Our quality management system applies to the following activities:

  • Study, project management, implementation, supply, distribution, intake and service agreements for individual and/or collective waste collection systems

  • Development, implementation and maintenance of management software.


ISO 27001:2013

To prove that we are serious about information security, we not only employ three certified data protection officers, but everything is done in accordance with the security measures laid down in our ISO 27001 security system.



VCA stands for "Veiligheids Checklist Aannemers" or in English "Safety Cheklist for Contractors". VCA is a certified safety management system through which a company shows that is wants and is able to work safely. If a company holds this certificate, this means that it pays attention to safety at work in a structural manner.

VCA* and VCA** are meant for different categories of companies, namely:

  • VCA* is intended for small companies that do not act as main contractor. Under small companies is understood: the whole of the company has less than 35 employees, temporary employees included.

  • VCA** is intended for companies with 35 or more employees, temporary employees included, and for companies that act as main contractor.

INOVIM holds the VCA** certificate.

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Public authorities

INOVIM supports municipalities or intermunicipal associations in assuming their statutory responsibility for the collection of household waste of private families.

INOVIM already implemented waste collection systems for many municipalities and intermunicipal associations, both in Belgium and the Netherlands and abroad.  Click on References for a survey of our reference customers.

Such projects consist of several phases:

  • Informing citizens on the new waste collection system, among others on the required waste separation rules and payment modes (mailing, website, information sessions...)

  • Surveys by mail, contact center, door-to-door surveys or website

  • Setting up complete case files

  • Physical distribution of rolling containers or implementation of collective systems

  • Affixing of information carriers (RFID chips, barcodes, stickers...) for an efficient identification and management

  • Implementation of the required management systems and management software CI-Web

  • After-sales service with or without invoicing

After the implementation, local authorities may also opt for the complete outsourcing of the maintenance and management of the waste collection system. A call centre, complaints management, maintenance, cleaning, repairs, invoicing, analyses and reporting can be carried out by our services.

INOVIM is consulted at regular intervals by public bodies to solve specific waste collection problems in terms of organisation, collection systems, hardware or software. Our INOVIM Solutions division already designed and developed quite a few innovative systems, hardware and software to meet the specific needs of customers by sharing our creative ideas and thinking along with them.

Our container management system offers state-of-the-art software enabling public authorities to manage all their waste collection resources (two-wheel bins, four-wheel containers, underground containers, above-ground containers, badges, waste collection center...), complaints, reports, empthyings, ... in the best possible way.


Waste collection companies

INOVIM develops innovative waste collection solutions.

We constantly ask ourselves how we can contribute to the circular economy by making waste collection more efficient and ecologically friendlier. Our software and hardware developments are crucial here. That is why waste collectors appeal to our knowledge and experience for:

  • the implementation of a new waste collection system (bins, containers, collective systems, waste collection centres... or a combination of these systems) for a public tender for the collection of a municipality's household waste.

  • Container management: delivery, re-collection, cleaning and repairing of containers with customers of waste collectors.

  • The collection of waste for several waste collectors in regions where individual companies have insufficient scale to work efficiently. Both the waste and the respective customers remain property of the waste collectors, INOVIM only acts as subcontractor.

  • Specific projects such as identification, re-branding... of entire waste collection centres.

Our container management system offers state-of-the-art software enabling you to manage your container depot (two-wheel bins, four-wheel containers, underground containers, above-ground containers, environment passports, complaints, reports, emptied volumes...) in the best possible way. This includes

  • the processing of emptied volumes (reported via GPRS, Ram Card...),
  • generating whitelists or blacklists,
  • creation of intervention lists,
  • bulky household refuse on demand,
  • creation of comprehensive reports...

Our container management system enable you to warrant to your customers the service they deserve.

Click on References for a survey of our reference customers.


Product & technology suppliers

INOVIM is a brand-independent supplier of services for whomever wants to appeal to our experience and professional approach.

We work, for instance, for the major manufacturers of

  • two-wheel bins,

  • four-wheel containers,

  • underground containers,

  • above-ground containers,

 Click on References for a survey of our reference customers.



In our pursuit of a more sustainable world, each individual counts.

Through its employees, customers and also in its direct contacts with citizens, INOVIM tries to raise public awareness as to the extent to which we as individuals can all make a contribution.

In the end, we could say that every citizen living in an INOVIM working area is an indirect customer of ours. Indirectly because they do not pay our invoices, but on the other hand citizens do call our call centre to apply for volume changes or repairs of lids / bodies / wheels or to have a new container delivered or a defective one collected, ... after which we will perform the requested actions within the agreed period of time. If we succeed in keeping the citizens of a municipality satisfied as a whole, we will have taken the first step to a satisfied direct customer. After all, customer satisfaction is one of the key values that we pursue.