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INOVIM is your partner for when it comes to implement your project quickly and properly.


  • the expertise
  • an experienced staff
  • the necessary tools such as PDAs and tablet PCs 
  • a custom vehicle fleet
  • an own call center
  • an adequate logistics software
  • ...

in short, all the things that are needed to bring your project to a successful end.


Her are some examples of projects that we can offer you:

  • set up and distribution of mailings
    • with or without leaflets
  • distribution of calendars with the collecting days
    • we can also provide formatting
  • survey to know what size of bin the citizin would
    • door-to-door survey
    • via website
    • telephone survey
    • ...
  • inventory of bins & containers
    • state of the bin?
    • Volume?
    • Equipped with chip nest?
    • ...
  • inventory / identification of
    • paper baskets
    • street furniture
    • street lights
    • ...
  • distribution of new bins
    • with / without idenfication sticker and/or chip
  • replacement of the old bin with a new one
  • "chipping" of the bins present at a house
    • for bins with a chip nest: standard chip in the chip nest
    • bins without chip nest: through a pin socket chip or chip clip
  • adjusting the current bin to new waste fraction
    • for instance: old residual waste bin transforming to a OPC bin
  • Rebranding of bins & containers
    • the present stickers replacing with new stickers


Do not hesitate to contact us for your project.