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Our creative and innovative "Solutions" division makes sure that we can deliver our services in optimal conditions. Not only our own services by the way, but also those of our customers. Lots of customers also make use of the products and software that we offer.

Our "Solutions" division focuses on the design and development of

  • software,

  • hardware and

  • entire turnkey waste collection systems.



Our container management system offers state-of-the-art software enabling you to manage your container depot (two-wheel containers, four-wheel containers, underground containers, above-ground containers, access cards, complaints, reports, emptied volumes...) in the best possible way.

The processing of emptied volumes (reported via GPRS, Ram Card...), generating whitelists or blacklists, creation of intervention lists, bulky household refuse on demand, creation of comprehensive reports... pose no problem to us and enable you to warrant to your customers the service they deserve.

More information on our container management system can be found on this page.



We also offer appropriate hardware products to support your projects with suitable resources.

This includes among others:

  • chips,

  • access cards as badge or key ring,

  • a load identification system for installation on your refuse vehicles,



Our turnkey waste collection systems are delivered to you as complete and fully operational, ready-to-use solutions that perform way better than other waste collection systems.

We offer, among others:

  • Mobile waste containers with identification system

  • Above-ground waste containers with identification system